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Number portability

Number portability is a service made available by the providers of electronic communications networks and services (ECNS) to the end-users, which enables them to keep their telephone numbers, while shifting to another provider of electronic communications services.

In order to be able to offer this service, an ECNS provider has to follow a series of technical, operational and administrative steps, all these activities requiring coordination at a national level.

The number portability service is implemented within a general regulatory framework (Decision no. 144/2006) that enabled the establishment of all the necessary details by means of a Working Group consisting of representatives of ECNS providers and of the Authority. Thus, after thorough consultation with the market players, ANCOM adopted the Technical and commercial conditions for the implementation of number portability (CTC), by decision no. 3444/2007.

Subsequently, these documents were reviewed following practical experience or the amendment of the primary legislation.


Specifics of number portability service provision in Romania


·        Implementation conditions

·        Porting process 

·        Centralized database – BDC

Applicable regulations

Decision of the President of the National Authority for Regulation in Communications and Information Technology no. 3444/2007 on the adoption of the technical and commercial conditions for the implementation of number portability, with the subsequent completions (unofficially consolidated text including the provisions in force as of 24 August 2015)

Download - 1458k

Decision no.144/2006 on the implementation of number portability (a text consolidated as of 24 August 2015)

Download - 216k