Using radiocommunications equipment in the ”citizen band”

The ”citizen band” is the frequency band ranging between 26.960 and 27.410 MHz, for the use of which one does not need a licence for the use of radio frequencies.  

The band excludes the channels with the following core frequencies: 26.995 MHz, 27.045 MHz, 27.095 MHz, 27.145 MHz and 27.195 MHz. The technical functioning parameters have been established by ANCOM through Decision 311/2016 on radio frequencies or frequency bands exempted from the licencing regime.
Communication in the citizen band is available to the general public for short-distance communication and offers a wide range of usages (entertainment, information, security etc.). The most frequently used, channel 22 - with the core frequency of 27,225 MHz -, is preferred by the drivers of road vehicles, for traffic-related information.
The distance spanned by such emission-reception equipment depends on the relief formations between the two stations. Since conversations in this band are in the simplex mode, each replying participant has to wait until the interlocutor finishes his/her own message.
Obligations of the ”citizen band” users
Although this band is exempted from licencing, it can only be used in compliance with the legal provisions in force, available here.
The most important rules to be considered by the users of this equipment in the citizen band are:
  • The radio equipments must observe the legal provisions regarding the technical specifications in force, available here.  
  • The emission power should not exceed 4 Watt effective radiated power.
  • The frequencies in this band may not be used unless the technical conditions that ensure avoiding the risk of producing harmful interferences to the radiocommunications stations that use the radioelectric spectrum, according to the law, are met.
The observance of these rules is necessary since the use of radio equipment with a power superior to the regulated one may cause harmful interferences to other radiocommunications services operating in adjacent bands or may affect the regular usage of the free band by preventing other participants from using the band.
Applicable sanctions
Exceeding the value set as a maximum limit for the effective radiated power may trigger sanctions from the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), according to GEO no. 111/2011 regarding electronic communications, i.e. a fine ranging from RON 5,000 to RON 60,000 or, in case of repeated breaches, a fine amounting to up to RON 100,000.