Monitoring and Control

The monitoring and control activity of ANCOM is conducted for the purpose of ensuring the enforcement and observance of the provisions under the legislation and regulations imposed by the Authority in order to promote competition in the markets of electronic communications and postal services, and protect the users’ rights and interests. An important component of the control activity is the monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum for non-governmental use, which aims both at upholding the process of efficient spectrum management, and ensuring the compliance with the obligations under the licences for the use radio frequencies /broadcasting licenses and under the frequency assignment authorisations/ technical authorisations, or in the regulations in the field of electronic communications using the radio spectrum.

These activities are carried out under transparency, impartiality and objectivity conditions and envisage the legal and natural persons that fall under the provisions of the legislation in the electronic communications and postal services sectors. The verification of the enforcement of the provisions under the normative acts in force and of the compliance with the obligations imposed on the providers, which falls within the competence of the regulatory authority, is ensured by the specialty control personnel mandated therefor by the president of ANCOM.

At the central level, the activity of monitoring and control of compliance with the obligations imposed by the specific legislation in the activity field of ANCOM is carried out by tree units within the Technical Coordinations Division, Monitoring and Control Executive Division, which coordinates the main activities in the territory, i.e. control and monitoring.

At the territorial level, the Monitoring and Control Executive Division coordinates five Regional Divisions, i.e. Bucharest, Cluj, Muntenia, Timisoara and Iasi, headed each by a director who reports directly to the executive director of the aforementioned Executive Division.
The Regional Divisions ensure that the competence of ANCOM related to the management of the scarce resources under the Authority’s administration is exerted in territory, and they monitor, survey and verify the compliance with the obligations in the field of electronic communications, audio-visual communications, radio equipment,  electromagnetic compatibility and of postal services, acting in the territory on behalf of ANCOM.
The main tasks of the Regional Divisions are: the monitoring, control and management of the radio-electric spectrum, the technical control in the radiocommunication and telecommunication fields, the monitoring, control and authorisation of the regional and local networks. Moreover, the Regional Divisions receive and transmit to ANCOM headquarters documents from the territory (notifications, complaints) and update all the information on the electronic communications, audiovisual communications, radio equipment, electromagnetic compatibility and postal services markets.

ANCOM holds in each county capital city a county office. These offices guide, survey and control the compliance with the obligations imposed by the specific legislation in the activity field of ANCOM or imposed by ANCOM itself, as well as with other obligations applicable to the providers of electronic communications networks and services, to the postal service providers and to the users of the scarce resources managed by the Authority. Furthermore, the control personnel support the communications operators in acquiring the provisions under the normative acts and the procedures which need to be followed for operating in line with the legal provisions.