Postal services control

The legislation in force in the postal services field divides the postal services into two categories: postal services within the scope of universal service and postal services outside the scope of universal service.

Monitoring the postal service providers’ compliance with their obligations
The activity of postal services provision is mainly regulated by the Government Ordinance no.31/2002 on postal services, approved with amendments and completions by Law no.642/2002, with the subsequent amendments and completions, and by the Decision of the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology no.2858/2007 on the general authorisation regime for the provision of postal services, with the subsequent amendments and completions.
Monitoring the universal service provider’s compliance with its obligations
Having regard to the ANCOM President’s Decision no. 1363/2019 on the designation of a universal service provider in the postal services sector, as well as to the European regulations in the field, with a view to ensuring the right of access to universal service of every citizen, ANCOM monitors the compliance by the National Company Posta Romana with the universal service obligations in the postal field by complex control activities, focusing on the compliance with the provisions regarding:
  • the number of clearances at each access point and the number of deliveries to the residence of each natural person and to the headquarters of each legal person;
  • annual assessment of compliance with minimum quality requirements;
  • ensuring confidentiality and postal security;
  • the ensuring of an optimal density of fixed access and contact points served by staff and mail boxes;
  • the accessibility, transparency and cost-orientation of the tariffs;
  • tariff evenness on national level;
  • the implementation of separate accounts;
  • the making available for the users, on a regular basis, of accurate, updated and detailed information on the characteristics of postal services.