Electronic Communications control

The control activity consists of the following:
  • control the compliance with the obligations imposed by the specific legislation in the field of activity of ANCOM, and by the administrative acts issued by the Authority, at a national level,
  • gather, complete and update the electronic records with data on the providers, carried out by the personnel of the county offices,
  • update the electronic records containing the statistical data and the quality indicators reported by the providers, based on the data transmitted to the headquarters by providers of electronic communications networks or services.
The control activity envisages the compliance with the obligations imposed by the legislation in force, the resolution of complaints, as well as the assessment of the quality of the provided networks and services, and is conducted on:
  • the providers of electronic communications networks and services (Internet, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, audio-visual programme retransmission over cable);
  • the providers of networks and services, holders of licences for the use of frequencies employing radio frequencies (PMR, PAMR, providers of sound and television radio-broadcasting services);
  • the entities (manufacturers, importers, distributors and end users) who place on the market, make available on the market and/or put into service/uses radio equipments.