Short News Gathering Services

The procedure described below is to be followed by the foreign operators willing to provide Satellite News Gathering (SNG) services in Romania.
In Romania, any licence has two parts: the administrative licence itself and the technical authorization, both issued by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM).
The formal request consists of a general information paper (the request itself) and technical applications form (containing technical parameters of the equipment and of the transmission itself) as an attachment.
The general information paper and the technical application form have to be signed by a person duly authorised by the applicant.
In order to provide SNG services, the foreign operators shall have to follow the procedure described below. For the Romanian
1. First you shall send your request having attached the form for SNG authorization request from below  together with the notice from the satellite operator specifying the technical parameters that were filled in this form:
2. After being dully signed, you shall have to send a scanned copy of the request and form by with cc:  and by fax to: + 40 372.845.402.
3. After checking the submitted data, ANCOM will send, by e-mail or by fax, a copy of the invoice for the payment of the radio spectrum tariff.
The tariffs for providing SNG services in Romania are as follows:
a) the spectrum usage tariff for transmissions during one day (first day) is 400 Euro and 290 Euro/day  for transmissions during subsequent days;
b) for transmissions during one week (first week) the tariff is 1870 Euro and 1110 Euro/day for transmissions during subsequent week;
c) for transmissions during one month the tariff is 3380 Euro;
d) for transmissions during three months the tariff is 7920 Euro.
In order to establish the amount to be paid properly, the period of transmission (the start and the end of service) should be clearly stated in the request.
4. Based on this invoice, the undertaking will make the payment and a copy of the payment order to the bank will be sent by e-mail to: and cc:, also by fax to: +40 372.845.402.
5. Based on this document, ANCOM will send a copy of the license and authorization(s) by e-mail and / or by fax to the undertaking.
6. After the money transfer is acknowledge by ANCOM`s financial department, the originals of the documents will be sent by postal services to the undertaking.
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