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Limited Resources

ANCOM administrates and manages the scarce resources, by planning, allotting, monitoring and assessing their use.


Thus, ANCOM fulfils the following functions:

  • administrates the radio spectrum by planning, allocating, allotting the frequency bands, assigning and monitoring the radio frequencies in the frequency bands for non-governmental use, as well as by coordinating, at a national level, the management of radio frequencies, in line with the National Table for Frequency Band Allocation (NTFA) and with the international agreements to which Romania is a party;
  • effectively manages the radio frequency bands for non-governmental use in accordance with the NTFA, by allotting and/or assigning radio frequencies within the purpose of ensuring their rational and efficient use;
  • administrates and allots numbering resources and associated technical resources for the electronic communications networks and services, including by elaborating the National Numbering Plan and other plans in this regard;
  • manages the numbering resources, at a national level, in view of their rational and efficient use;
  • administrates and manages other scarce resources in the electronic communications field.