• Spectrum auction 2021
    800 MHz, 2600 MHz, 3400-3800 MHz


  • National Table
    for Frequencies Allocation
  • ”Roam like at home” data limit calculator
  • Netograf: average download speeds of 429.17 Mbps on fixed internet and of 30.54 Mbps on mobile internet, in Romania
    Posted at: 25.11.2021

    ” In Romania, the tests performed by users on the Netograf platform in H1 2021 revealed that fixed internet connections provided through cable saw average speeds





























  • This year’s spectrum auction wraps up
    Posted at: 23.11.2021

    We have completed the auction for awarding usage rights in new frequencies for broadband mobile communications































  • Update on the spectrum auction
    Posted at: 18.11.2021

    Subsequently to the requests received concerning the two application files submitted within the competitive selection procedure, we specify that the two application files were submitted by RCS&RDS S.A. and Invite Systems S.R.L.







  • Two bids qualified in the Romanian auction for new spectrum licences
    Posted at: 18.11.2021

    ANCOM received two application files in the competitive selection procedure organised for awarding spectrum usage rights for the 195 MHz available in the 800 MHz, 2600 MHz and 3400 – 3800 MHz bands.