S.C. Equant Romania S.A. - S.C. Romtelecom S.A. †

S.C. Equant Romania S.A.

S.C. Romtelecom S.A. †

Date of filing the complaint
September 29, 2005


On September 29, 2005, the plaintiff S.C. Equant Romania S.A. submitted to the Regulatory Authority a complaint against the respondent S.C. Romtelecom S.A., registered in Bucharest, 1B Garlei street, sector 1, thereby claiming for the respondentís obligation to provide interconnection services for the leased lines-terminal segments, on grounds of the interconnection agreement concluded between the parties based on the Reference Interconnection Offer of S.C. Romtelecom S.A. and of the provisions of the ANRC Presidentís Decision no.1379/2003 on the leased lines-terminal segments interconnection with the public fixed telephony network, amended by the ANRC Presidentís Decision no.1330/2004. The complaint was registered under no.25135/29.09.2005.

In order for its complaint to be resolved, the plaintiff chose the mediation procedure.

Solution suggested by ANRCTI

ANRCTI Presidentís Decision no.2121/2007.