Carrier selection

Carrier Selection allows the end-users of fixed telephony to choose whether a call to a national of international number, initiated from a telephone set connected to a fixed network, should be carried and terminated abroad or in another county by a carrier”, instead of the provider they subscribe to, whose services they use, for example, in order to receive or make lcoal calls. The users may choose the “carrier” when they find his offer to be more advantageous as regards the price and quality than the offer of the operator they subscribe to.

The carrier selection code is a sequence of digits of the 10xy or 16xy format.


The 10xy code – Two-step carrier selection:

Carrier selection was initially available in two steps (by dialling 10xy indicatives, i.e. two-step carrier selection codes) and becomes effective after the carrier selection code has been dialled.


The 16xy code – One-step carrier selection:

The Authority took the required steps to offer the end-users the possibility to select their carrier, dialling "at once" the digit sequence consisting of the carrier selection code and the called number. This alternative is still limited by the technological level of the telephone exchanges used.