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What we do

In this laboratory, ANCOM can verify whether the products on sale or in use observe the provisions of the European directives in force as regards electromagnetic compatibility, the protection of the health and safety of the user and any other person. It features a flexible testing environment, which enables the performance of a wide range of tests and covers a large number of standards in the field. The quality system EN/ISO/IEC 17025 has been implemented in the laboratory.
Currently, in this laboratory, ANCOM can verify in detail whether the radio equipment and the terminal electronic communications equipment on the Romanian market – from mobile telephones to household appliances, from lighting to medical devices, from remote controls to industrial equipment – meet the essential electromagnetic compatibility requirements. To this end, the specialized personnel uses thorough and rigorous test methods, established in relevant standards, subsequently the results in the trial reports being analysed and interpreted so as to complete, from a technical perspective, the market surveillance and control activity.

N.B. These measurements are carried out according to ANCOM’s annual control plan or upon receiving complaints or petitions from the communications networks and services providers, as the laboratory has been designed exclusively for measurements required in the Authority’s market control activity. It does not carry out measurements on demand.



What we do
Testing and measurements