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The directory enquiry service and the subscribers’ directory

The directory enquiry service and the making available of directories of subscribers are services included in the scope of Universal Service and aim at facilitating the end-users’ access to details such as the telephone or fax number or numbers of the users of pre- or post-paid publicly available telephone services, may they be legal or natural persons.

In June 2009, ANCOM designated as universal service providers the company S.C. Infoclick S.A. associated with Newsphone Hellas S.A. Athens Greece – Bucharest Branch, for providing both a directory of subscribers and a directory enquiry service.

S.C. Infoclick S.A. in association with Newsphone Hellas S.A. Athens Greece – Bucharest Branch were designated universal service providers for a 2-year period from the moment of launching the directory of subscribers and the directory enquiry service.

The aforementioned services were made available for the end-users in Romania starting from 31 October 2009. Thus, the end-users could benefit from the right to be included in the directories of subscribers, respectively to have access to directory enquiry services. This right was established by the European directive regulating the Universal Service in the electronic communications sector, transposed into the national legislation by Law no. 304/2003 on the Universal Service and users’ rights relating to the electronic communications networks and services, with the subsequent amendments and completions.

On 31 March 2011, ANCOM communicated to Infoclick and Newsphone Hellas, represented in Romania by Newsphone Hellas S.A. Athens Greece Bucharest Branch, the decision on the withdrawal of the capacity as universal service providers designated for making available a directory enquiry service and, respectively, an electronic subscriber directory. The withdrawal of the capacity as a universal service provider is the result of their non-compliance with the obligations deriving from this capacity. The deviations were assessed by ANCOM during the control actions conducted from the moment of designation until now.

The Authority will assess the status of the market for these services to determine whether the directory enquiry service and the subscriber directory services could be provided by means of competition-driven market mechanisms.