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Responsibilities in the process of transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television


·         elaborate the Strategy regarding the digital switchover and the implementation of digital multimedia services on a national level
·         establish licence fees
·         adopt the normative acts required for ensuring the legal framework for the digital switchover.
·         distribute frequencies by multiplexes, according to the final acts of the World Radiocommunication Conferences and of the ITU and to the decisions adopted at EU level regarding the implementation of the digital dividend, as well as to the results of international frequency coordination;
·         elaborate the calendar and the technical conditions for awarding the national DTT multiplexes and of the regional/local multiplexes;
·         coordinate and monitor the technical transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting;
·         ensure optimal technical conditions for the digital switchover process;
·         award licences for the use of the radio spectrum in digital terrestrial system;
·         technical authorisation of digital emissions;
·         surveillance and control of compliance with the obligations provided in the licences for the use of spectrum in digital terrestrial system.
·         monitor and ensure the carrying out, jointly with the Ministry of Culture, of the audio-visual policies assumed by Romania, of the information and media campaigns on the switchover process;
·         award digital audiovisual licences within the multiplexes for digital audiovisual media services;
·         establish the conditions for the content to be broadcast by means of MUX 1, the free-to-air multiplex.