Information included in the providers’obligations of informing ANCOM - general statistical data

Provider category

Object of informing obligation


Submitting manner

Legal grounds

Providers of electronic communications networks or services

Statistical data regarding:
a) general information concerning the provider, data on investments – Annex no.1; 
b) fixed public networks – Annex no.2;
c) telephone services provided through fixed public networks or networks with limited mobility – Annex no.3;
d) radio mobile cellular public networks – Annex no.4;
e) telephone services provided through radio mobile cellular public networks – Annex no.5;
f) value added services and other services – Annex no.6;
g) leased line services – Annex no.7;
h) internet access services – Annex no.8;
i) data transmission servicesAnnex no.9;
retransmission of linear audio-visual media programmes services – Annex no.10;
k) electronic communication services provided by public satellite networks – Annex no.11;
l) integrated electronic communications services – Annex no.12;
m) other types of networks or electronic communication services – Annex no. 13;
n) annual income from selling equipment or services associated with the provision of electronic communication networks or services – Annex no.14;
o) half-yearly income from the provision of electronic communications networks or/and services – Annex no.15.

The statistical data provided in Annexes 1–14 (a) to n)) shall be sent on an annual basis, by 31 May, for the reporting period between 1 January and 31 December.


The other statistical data provided in Annexes 1–14, respectively the statistical data provided in Annex no. 15 (a) to o)) shall be reported twice a year, according to the following schedule:

- by 10 August, for the reporting period between 1 January and 30 June;

- by 10 February, for the reporting period between 1 July and 31 December.

Through the dedicated application to be accessed on ANCOM’s main webpage at the “Submit” button or following directly the link:

The data is to be submitted in electronic format, with enclosed or logically attached extensive electronic signature, based on an authorized certificate and generated by means of a secured device for electronic signatures.

Art.3 and 4 of ANCOM President’s Decision no.333/2013

Download here the Decision no. 333/2013 on reporting statistical data by the providers of electronic communications networks and services