S.C. Aietes Telecom Galati-Subsidiary of Tulcea S.R.L. - S.C. Romtelecom S.A.

Aietes Telecom Galati Filiala Tulcea S.R.L.

S.C. Romtelecom S.A.

Date when the complaint was filed
June 2nd, 2003

S.C. Aietes Telecom Galati, Tulcea Branch, S.R.L. requests the negotiation and conclusion of an interconnection agreement between the networks of the two providers, according to art.3 and art.4 letter a) from Government Ordinance no.34/2002 and art.4 par.(1) letter a) from ANRC President’s Decision no.147/2002, as well as the obligation that S.C. Romtelecom S.A. observe certain legal disposals, said to be infringed by the latter.

S.C. Aietes Telecom Galati, Tulcea Branch, S.R.L. intends to provide „PC to Phone” call termination service for the international calls taken over in the Aietes network through VoIP protocol, having as final destinations subscribers of vocal telephony networks in Romania.

The company requested national interconnection to its Headquarters by two 2Mb/s E1 PRA ISDN CLIR channels interconnected in the Galati zonal node for the purpose of terminating in Romtelecom network calls taken over in Aietes network through VoIP protocol.

S.C. Aietes Telecom Galati, Tulcea Branch, S.R.L. whishes to conclude an interconnection agreement based on RIO.

S.C. Romtelecom S.A. argues that RIO is inapplicable in case of calls originated outside Romania (S.C. Aietes Telecom Galati, Tulcea Branch, S.R.L. is obliged to prove that the calls are originated in Romania). For performing this type of service, S.C. Romtelecom S.A. offers a “contract for providing Internet services through which publicly available vocal telephony is ensured” (the beneficiary terminates the calls as S.C. Romtelecom S.A. agent, through ISDN link).


ANRC Solution

Decision no. 791/2003 on the settlement of the dispute between S.C. Aietes Telecom Galati - Tulcea Subsidiary S.R.L. and S.C. Romtelecom S.A.