S.C. Trans Tel Services S.R.L. - S.C. Mobifon S.A.

S.C. Trans Tel Services S.R.L.

S.C. Mobifon S.A.

Date when the complaint was filed
June 5th, 2003

S.C. Trans Tel Services S.R.L. considers that S.C. Mobifon S.A. does not observe the legal and conventional obligation of access, the principles promoted by Government Ordinance no.31/2002, respectively the principles of ensuring the interoperability of electronic communications services and protecting consumers’ rights and interests, by abusive interruption of the access service established through the access agreement concluded on 19.10.2000.

Also, the plaintiff pretends that certain obligations (concerning payment of the interconnection tariff – deadlines, deposit making, the possibility to suspend the service or unilateral cancellation of the contract), not related to the access service, are being imposed to him.

S.C. Trans Tel Services S.R.L. requests the reactivation of the bidirectional connection, from which they benefited on grounds of the access agreement, with the use of either the 021.2011XXX numbers rented from S.C. Romtelecom S.A. or the new number blocks allotted by ANRC.

Additionally, the plaintiff wishes that certain clauses negotiated with S.C. Mobifon S.A. be accepted only if necessary.

ANRC Solution
Decision nr. 772/2003 on the Settlement of the Dispute between S.C. Trans Tel Services S.R.L. and S.C. Mobifon S.A.