Mission & Vision & Values

The values shared by the entire ANCOM team in its activity are: professionalism, responsibility, integrity, innovation and team spirit.

We value professionalism and act accordingly in everything we do, because we respect our job, our knowledge and our partners.

We act responsibly because we understand that what we do will impact tens of millions of users, for years.

Integrity is one of our key values because, beyond the pursuit of the strict enforcement of the law, we are guided by honesty and our conduct is equitable, and subject to public control.


We promote innovation i.e., "new ideas that work", to be up to the challenges that come along with technological progress, with new working methods, and new lifestyles and expectations of the citizens. We promote the development and implementation of new ideas (products, services and models) to meet social needs and aspirations and to foster an organizational management model that could become applicable to all institutions in Romania.


We cultivate the team spirit as we are aware that the transition from "I" to "we" determines higher performance and brings added value through cohesion and through the involvement of each member of the team, regardless of their place in the organizational chart. Moreover, ANCOM employees are regarded with trust and respect because they are professional, responsible, and honest.



In our activity, we aim for the inhabitants of Romania and for public and private organizations to benefit - at fair prices - from electronic communications and postal services that are high quality and safe, and for the providers to develop through innovation.



ANCOM's mission is to promote the interests of service users by: promoting competition and innovation in the markets of electronic communications and postal services; competition-oriented administration of limited resources (radio spectrum, numbering resources and associated technical resources); encouraging efficient investments in networks and infrastructures; promoting ultra-fast connectivity.


You can find out more about the Authority's activity from the ANCOM Annual Activity Reports.