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Mission & Vision & Values

ANCOM VALUES are professionalism, responsibility, integrity, respect and trust.
We treasure and pursue professionalism in all our actions, because we respect our profession, knowledge and partners.
We act responsibly, because we understand that everything we do will impact tens of millions of users, for years.
We are trustworthy, because we have been entrusted with an important responsibility and because we respect our clients, our colleagues and the mission we are committed to.
Through our activity, we aim at ensuring that all the users in Romania benefit from quality communications services, at fair prices, and that the operators develop based on innovation, while the Authority’s employees are trusted and respected, due to their professionalism, responsibility and integrity.
Our mission is to protect the interests of the communications users in Romania, by promoting competition in the communications market, ensuring the management of scarce resources, encouraging innovation and efficient investments in infrastructure.