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Address ANCOM

Address ANCOM

ANCOM fosters competition in the communications market, thus indirectly protecting the users’ interests and enabling them to choose between the offers of several providers.
Most of the problems can be solved by your provider, which, in a competitive market, should be directly interested to solve the problems of its customers. Therefore, address your service provider, first.
ANCOM cannot verify the compliance of the provider with the provisions of the contracts it concluded with its users. If the provider fails to observe its contractual clauses, address ANPC.
ANCOM may interfere when the providers of electronic communications (telephony, Internet and cable TV) breach your information rights, fail to offer you the number portability service, fail to include certain information in the contract, or fail to comply with the specific legislation in the electronic communications field.
ANCOM may also interfere when the postal service providers fail to comply with the specific legislation in the postal services field.
Furthermore, under certain circumstances, ANCOM may undertake certain steps to amicably settle the dispute.
How can you address ANCOM?
There are 6 simple rules!
How do you submit the complaint?


How does ANCOM conduct its investigations?
ANCOM undertakes investigations to verify whether and to what extent the claimed provider breached the provisions of the legislation in the electronic communications field or in the postal services field, as far as its attributions allow it.
If, following the investigation, the Authority does not discover breaches of the specific legislation, it will communicate this to you in writing. ANCOM will also provide you details on the possible ways of settling the dispute and information on the institutions able to help you. Under such circumstances, the ANCOM opinion has a discretionary character and can be used within the direct negotiations with the provider, to address other institutions, or in Courts of Law.