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Find the cheapest telephony and internet offers in Romania



Those interested in buying telephony, internet or such service bundles can currently choose from more than 350,000 offers of the Romanian users. In order to help telecom users choose the offer that best suits their consumption needs, the Romanian National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) created – the application that compares, free of charge, the offers of all the telephony and internet operators in Romania and displays the cheapest 25 tariff plans based on the monthly consumption set by the user. For example, for an average monthly consumption of subscription-based mobile internet and telephony, displays tariff plans ranging from 2 to 12 Euro, varying by the extra-options offered.
By means of the application, the users may find - in three simple steps - the most advantageous offers of fixed and mobile telephony and internet: they choose the category of services (telephony, internet, bundles), insert their consumption estimates (minutes, SMS, internet traffic) and are provided with a list of the cheapest 25 tariff plans. When the results are displayed, other relevant details are also published, such as the minimum contract duration, the termination penalties, or information on the available special offers.
Relying on ANCOM’s statistical data regarding the consumption of electronic communications services in Romania in the first semester of 2014, three pre-defined consumption profiles were introduced in the application in order to facilitate the configuration of the searched offer. The users can however configure themselves the average monthly consumption, using the pre-defined profiles or not, in order to precisely find out the most suitable telecom offer in line with their communication needs.
The consumption estimates that configure the profile of occasional, intensive and average mobile telephony and internet users in Romania, on, show that an average user consumes 155 MB mobile internet traffic every month, sends 72 SMS and calls - on average - 249 minutes. On the other hand, an occasional user consumes 52 MB internet traffic, sends 24 SMS and calls 82 minutes, on average, monthly, whereas an intensive user consumes 465 MB internet traffic, sends 216 SMS and calls, on average, 747 minutes per month. is an independent and non-commercial tool developed by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications to the benefit of the telecom users in Romania. Access to this application is free of charge and is not constrained in any way, the users having instant access to all the public offers of all the communications operators in Romania. All the providers of telephony and internet access services have the obligation to post their offers on within 2 working days since the offer launch (modification).
Here you may access the infographics concerning the consumption profiles of the telephony and internet users in Romania.