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                             October 17, 2006, JW Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest




First session:

Romanian electronic communications, a part of Europe

Bridging the divide in Romanian communications: from computer literacy to broadband

Zsolt Nagy, Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Romania

Romanian communications market, a radiography at the time of accession 

Dan Georgescu, President, ANRC, Romania

European Union policy in the field of electronic communications, present and future

Peter Scott, Head of Unit, Policy Development, DG Information Society and Media (DG INFSO), European Commission

Romania’s status of preparation for accession in the field of electronic communications

Olivier Pascal, Principal Administrator - Desk Officer for Romania, International Relations, DGINFSO, European Commission

Hungarian experience in the EU, two years after accession

Daniel Pataki, President, National Communications Authority (NHH), Hungary

Use of radio spectrum – market trends and regulatory approach

Catalin Marinescu, President, General Inspectorate for Communications and Information Technology (IGCTI), Romania

Romania, place and role in the European technology landscape

Varujan Pambuccian, President, IT&C Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Romanian Parliament


Second session


Competition between infrastructures – successful in Romania, successful in Europe?

View of the Romanian regulator:

Interconnection – key to competition in the fixed and mobile telephony market

Radu Tudorache, Director, Economic Regulation, ANRC, Romania


View of the Italian regulator:

Interconnection regulation,   an incentive for the market

Alberta Corona, Market Analyses Department, Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Communicazioni (AGCOM), Italy

View of the Swedish regulator:

Cost orientation of interconnection tariffs – challenges and answers

Sara Andersson, Market Obligations Head, National Post & Telecommunications Agency (PTS), Sweden

View of the Austrian regulator:

Impact of interconnection obligations on competition

Stefan Kohler, Deputy CEO, Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR), Austria

View of the Dutch regulator:

Regulating interconnection tariffs – achievements and expectations

Martijn Meijers, Onafhankelijke Post en Telecommunicatie Autoriteit (OPTA), the Netherlands

Independent view:

Interconnection – competition – investment in the European communications market

Philippe Defraigne, Director, Cullen-International, Belgium

Third session


Romanian electronic communications market – regulatory strategy and prospects for evolution



Regulator’s view:

Regulatory strategy for the Romanian electronic communication sector, 2007-2009

Alexandrina Hirtan,

Vice-President, ANRC, Romania

Independent view:

The success formula in the communications market, between business strategy and regulatory strategy

Ulrich Stumpf, Head Regulation and Competition, WIK-Consult, Germany

Industry’s view:

Business plans and role of regulation in the Romanian communications market

Dinu Malacopol, Director B2B, UPC Romania

Harm Aben, General Manager Regulatory Affairs, Romtelecom

Valentin Popoviciu, Development Manager, RCS&RDS

Corneliu Tanasa, Executive Director, InterLAN Association

Levente Csenteri, Executive Director, Combridge

Dorin Odiatiu, International Business & Interconnection Manager, Orange Romania

Mihai Tarniceanu, Manager Strategy & Regulatory Affairs, Vodafone Romania

Oana Cristea, Roaming and Interconnection Manager, Cosmote Romania

Victor Stan, Vice President, CTO, Telemobil



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