CEE Regional Group - Sharing Experience in Spectrum Auctioning



Spectrum for mobile communications has long been one of the topical issues on the agenda of the regulatory bodies in Europe and beyond. The Romanian spectrum auction in September 2012 was appreciated as a success in Europe, which, along with the vivid interest expressed by a number of regulators in CEE Europe, encouraged ANCOM to propose the idea of a CEE Regional Working Group (CEE RWG) meeting aimed at sharing our experience and lessons learned in the field of preparing and conducting such a complex procedure.

As a founding member of the CEE RWG, ANCOM has offered to host the third meeting of this regional group and dedicate it to Sharing Experience in Spectrum Auctioning, on the 9th of May, 2013.
As per the draft agenda, the meeting was structured by three sessions, two of which will pursue a step-by-step approach to the Romanian spectrum auction, with a closer look at the context of organizing this auction, the documents prepared and the authority’s concern for preserving competition, by setting reserve prices and spectrum caps, specifying obligations regarding coverage, national roaming, MVNO hosting, etc. as well as technical, legal and IT-related information, all of which were important to the success of our auction.

The third session was designed as an interactive round table dedicated to sharing experience and plans on spectrum auctioning and to presenting the status of the Digital Dividend awarding in the region, as well as to discussing further issues of regional cooperation. During this roundtable, every country in our region will have the opportunity to present the status and progress on the topics on debate, as well as to propose any new topics of regional interest or proposals for future regional cooperation.

CEE Regional Working Group Meeting presentations