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ANCOM Proposes the One-Year Extension of the Licence for the Use of Radio Frequencies Held by Telemobil in the 450 MHz Band



ANCOM submitted to public consultation a draft Government decision establishing the licence fee due for the one-year extension, by 24 March 2013, of the licence held by Telemobil in the 450 MHz band. In order to extend the licence, ANCOM proposes that Telemobil pays to the state budget a licence fee of EUR 1 million, a value proportionate to the amount paid at the time the licence was obtained, calculated by ANCOM by applying indexation to the historical value of the licence.
The licence is extended at the operator’s request and, after its expiry, ANCOM is to evaluate the opportunity to auction the released spectrum, in keeping with the interest of the electronic communications industry.
Telemobil was awarded the usage right in 1992. In 2001, the company launched mobile telephone services in this frequency by means of the CDMA technology.
During 2009, the commercial company Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A., headquartered in Greece, as the buyer, and the commercial companies Zapp (Romania) B.V. and Saudi Oger Ltd., as the sellers, concluded a purchase agreement for all the shares held by the sellers in Telemobil. Up until now, the company has kept its own legal personality, it operates as a separate entity in relation to its customers, it signs interconnection agreements on its behalf, and it holds its own licences for the use of radio frequencies and licences for the use of numbering resources.
The document is available for consultation here.