The Telecentre of Pravaleni Installed by ANRCTI and Vodafone - A Gateway To Knowledge

August 30, 2007, Pravaleni, Hunedoara county. Dan Georgescu, the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology together with Alin Gadian, Timisoara Regional Manager, on behalf of Vodafone Romania, have met today with the users of the telecentre which Vodafone Romania installed in Pravaleni, Hunedoara county, in order to test together the telephony and Internet services it offers.

“Today, once with the launch of the telecentre of Pravaleni, we should look behind and make a review of what we have accomplished up to now. So far, in figures, the experience of the telecentres may be resumed as follows: 232 functional telecentres out of the total of 600 which ANRCTI proposed to install in the isolated communities of the rural area. These telecentres shall ensure the access to telephony and Internet services by means of the national programme for the installation of telecentres; furthermore, approximately 200,000 people whose life changed due to ANRCTI initiative, people that are now able to communicate easier with their relatives or friends from abroad, who have access to information, to whom the world seems closer now and, as well, more than 15,000 children able to broaden their horizons, who have access to knowledge and can be informed”, declared Dan Georgescu, the President of ANRCTI.