ANRCTI and Vodafone launch a new telecentre in Maguri, Cluj Napoca county


“The growing interest in the new technologies shown by the inhabitants of the communities with limited access to such technologies is a proof of their desire to know and to socialize, as well as of the vital necessity of communications in each person’s development”
, Dan Georgescu, the President of ANRCTI, declared, after visiting the telecentres of Maguri, Cluj county.

The installation of the telecentre in Maguri was performed by Vodafone Romania. The operator offered free of charge access to services on the day of the official launch, and will further charge tariffs which will be affordable for the inhabitants. The telecentre is a public space equipped with at least two telephones, two computers and a fax, within which end-users are able to make and receive local, national and international calls. The telecentre also offers communications services through fax, as well as data transmission services at a transfer rate as sufficient as to enable the functional Internet access.

Thus, the approximately 950 inhabitants of Maguri will be able to make and receive local, national and international calls, including towards the mobile telephony networks. Furthermore, they will be able to call the emergency number - 112 - and have access to Internet and fax.