ANRC visits the RADIOCOM Telecentre in Fagetu

June 8, 2006, Fagetu, county of Salaj. Today, the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Communications, Mr. Dan Georgescu, and Mr. Ionel Branga, Commercial Executive Manager of RADIOCOM – the National Radiocommunications Company, have met the users of the telecentre in Fagetu, county of Salaj, in order to present them and test together the telephone and Internet services provided by the telecentre installed this spring.


Fagetu is one of the localities endowed with telecentres within the national programme for the installation of telecentres in the communities with limited access to telephone and Internet services. This programme has already provided for 33 telecentres and envisages the installation of 75 more telecentres until the end of August 2006. Fagetu is one of the 9 localities envisaged by the project where the communications solution was installed by RADIOCOM. This company committed itself to installing 50 more telecentres by the end of August 2006.


Two months ago, the villagers of Fagetu, 99% of which are Slovak, were deprived of telecommunications services, as there was no fixed telephone line in the village, while mobile telephones can hardly be used, due to the poor coverage of the mobile networks in the area. Since the installation of this telecentre, the more than 700 inhabitants of the village may initiate and receive local, national and international calls, may call numbers in the mobile telephone networks and the single emergency number – 112 and may access Internet websites or use the fax machine. Today, the villagers were invited to use the tecentre services, cost-free.