Spectrum Auction Successfully Concluded



Following the spectrum auction held by ANCOM, 5 operators have won 485 MHz in the 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands, the radio frequencies suitable for broadband voice mobile communications and Internet. The amount of spectrum available for mobile communications rose by 77%.

With this auction, the mobile communications in Romania have entered a new era: the spectrum resources available to the operators grow by 77% and allow for introducing the 4G technology, whereas the 900 MHz band is more efficiently distributed. For operators, the results of the auction open the door to additional business opportunities and innovation, ensure the security of investments and an exceptional efficiency as regards the use of spectrum. For users, the auction brings access to 4 national networks, better coverage, higher data transfer speeds, more and better services provided at competitive prices, in general, all this in the context of a healthy competition. Due to all these reasons, I would say that, on our 10th celebration since the establishment of the regulatory authority in communications, we have successfully concluded the first auction which allows 4G in the Central and Eastern Europe”, Mr. Catalin Marinescu, the president of ANCOM, said during a press conference organised in order to announce the results of the spectrum auction. More details here.