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ERGP Plenary Session

On 20 November 2014, the Romanian Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) hosted in Bucharest this year’s second plenary session of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP). The works of the plenary were led by Mr. Catalin Marinescu, President of ANCOM and ERGP 2014 Chair.

During this plenary meeting, the ERGP members adopted five Reports, as well as an ERGP Opinion and the draft ERGP Work Programme for 2015, available on the ERGP website, here.

The plenary also elected Dr. Veselin Bozhkov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) to become the Chairman of the ERGP for 2016. Together with Mr. Catalin MARINESCU he will serve as one of the two vice-chairs of the ERGP in 2015.