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Electronic Communications and Postal Services Operators Will Pay No Monitoring Tariff for 2012



The National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) will charge the providers no monitoring tariff for the year 2012.
An authorised provider of public electronic communications networks, of publicly available electronic communications services or of postal services, with an annual revenue of more than EUR100,000 or a turnover exceeding this amount, has the obligation to pay an annual monitoring tariff to ANCOM, for the whole period of its quality as a provider.
The monitoring tariff is calculated based on the providers’ turnover or on the revenue achieved during the year preceding the one for which the monitoring tariff is due, according to the providers’ option.
Presently, 1,974 providers of electronic communications networks and services and of postal services are authorised by ANCOM, of which 1,613 provide electronic communications networks and services and 361 - postal services providers.

Among these, 344 providers – 289 of which provide electronic communications networks and services and 55 provide postal services – have a turnover or revenues achieved exclusively from such activities that exceeds EUR100,000 per year.