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Contractual relations with electronic communications services providers topped the list of complaints to ANCOM in 2022


The National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) received and solved 3,236 complaints from users of  electronic communications services and postal services in 2022. Most of the complaints concerned issues related to the unfolding of the contractual relationship with providers of electronic communications services, such as the termination of contracts, the billing of services, the non-observance of contractual provisions or the conclusion of distance contracts.

Electronic communications services

72% of the total number of complaints received by the Authority in 2022 concerned electronic communications services, the main complained about issues referring to the contractual relationship with providers of electronic communications services. Users reported problems regarding the termination of contracts (19% of the complaints regarding electronic communications services), the execution of distance contracts (15%), the billing of telephone/internet access services (13%) and service quality  (11%).

14% of the complaints regarding electronic communications services reported problems encountered during the process of porting telephone numbers.

9% of the complaints concerned the roaming service, especially the usage terms of this service in the European Economic Area (Roam like at home).

ANCOM data show that 26% the users’ complaints referred to the services provided by Vodafone Romania, 20% - by Orange Romania, 14% -  by RCS&RDS, 12% - by Orange Romania Communications, and 12% - by Telekom Romania Mobile Communications.

Postal services

Out of the total number of complaints registered with ANCOM last year, 21% concerned the provision of postal services.

Most of the problems reported by the postal users concerned the deterioration of postal items (21% of all complaints regarding postal services), the non-delivery of postal items (15%), the delivery time of postal items (13%) and loss or theft of postal items (12%).

In the context of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic in recent years, which have massively boosted the use of e-commerce services, the parcel delivery service has seen unprecedented take-up. The providers most frequently referred to in the complaints submitted to ANCOM were Fan Courier (24% of all complaints related to postal services), Cargus (18%), Dynamic Parcel Distribution (17%) and Nemo (13%).

Other issues complained about

Other issues complained about to ANCOM in 2022 mainly concerned aspects regarding radio equipment, the regime of infrastructure networks or the procedure for awarding frequency usage rights.

Complaint resolution

ANCOM may intervene directly in situations where the providers of telephony, internet or television services violate the information rights of the users, do not offer the number portability service (or do not comply with the legislation in this field), do not comply with the regulations related to the provision of roaming services, do not include certain information in the contract or do not comply with the conditions for concluding distance contracts.

Complaints regarding the non-observance/non-execution of contracts by electronic communications services providers may be addressed by consumers (natural persons)  to the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC), while legal persons in this situation may apply to the competent court.

Regarding the postal services, in case of non-observance of the delivery term, the users can contact the ANPC, which has the legal competence to sanction the suppliers for non-compliance with the contract/General Conditions regarding the provision of postal services. In case of loss, theft, (total or partial) deterioration or damage of the postal item, users who have not received a response from the provider within 3 months or are dissatisfied with the response, can contact ANCOM, presenting the proof of fulfilling the procedure of the prior complaint, following the steps described here. However, ANCOM cannot determine the amount of compensation or oblige the provider to pay damage compensation, such powers lying with the competent courts.

More details are available on the ANCOM Info Center.