ANRC President participated in the conference “WiMAX in the Telecom Competition”

The ANRC President, Mr. Dan Georgescu, participated today, February 7, 2006, in the conference WiMAX in the Telecom Competition”, where he emphasized the potential impact of the new technology and of the new standard – WiMAX – on the development of Romanian communications.


Mr. Dan Georgescu highlighted that WiMAX could foster competition in the mobile telephony market, where harsher competition may trigger price reduction and more affordable services. He announced that ANRC is preparing a set of regulations designed to encourage competition, regarding the cost-orientation of interconnection tariffs in the mobile telephony market, as well as the virtual operators’ market entry (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).


The WiMAX advantages will be taken into consideration in the elaboration of the national broadband strategy, on which ANRC and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology are working.