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Conference: “Romanian Communications, 2007 and Beyond"

The conference “Romanian Communications – 2007 and Beyond” aimed to strengthen the dialogue between the industry and ANRC, for the purpose of establishing and accomplishing a set of common strategic objectives in view of Romania’s accession to the European Union. ANRC organised this event in order to facilitate transition to a fully liberalised and competitive sector of electronic communications, as well as to enhance the process of re-structuring, reforming and strengthening the institutional framework, and therefore offered an excellent information and debate occasion to the participants.

ANRC organised this conference in order to provide the industry with

 vision for futureANRC will present its objectives regarding the regulation of the  Romanian electronic communications market before and after accession to the Common Market;


 international experience international consultants will present their opinions and case studies, in order to share the experience of the new member countries with you;


 forum you may state your view on and propose the trend of Romanian communications during the sessions of the two round tables approaching current issues.


The Agenda offers you the possibility to view the materials presented during the conference.

The ANRC press release is available here.

Among the participants in this event, one may count prominent figures, such as: the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Zsolt Nagy, the President of the IT&C Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Varujan Pambuccian, the representative of the European Commission Delegation in Romania, Mr. Giorgio Ficcarelli, representatives of foreign regulatory authorities, representatives of the Romanian electronic communications industry, representatives of the foreign investors, as well as independent consultants in the field of electronic communications.


Participation in this event shall be confirmed upon receipt of the invitation.

The conference “Romanian Communications – 2007 and beyond” part of the information campaign

The conference “Romanian Communications, 2007 and Beyond” is part of the information campaign initiated by ANRC, assisted by PHARE. During this campaign, ANRC will print and make publicly available two information leaflets. These leaflets will contain both information for the providers of electronic communications and information and tips for the fixed telephony end-users. In order to identify the problems encountered by the providers on local level and to accomplish the objective of informing the providers on the market of electronic communications in a unitary frame, ANRC will organise meetings with the industry representatives in the territory. The first meeting with the industry will be held in Cluj, on April 15th.