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Timisoara Caravan

Friday, June 2, 2006, in Timisoara, the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Communications (ANRC), Mr. Dan Cristian Georgescu, and the ANRC Vicepresident, Ms. Alexandrina Hirtan, held a press conference during which they presented the development of the alternative fixed telephony in the county of Timis, the local market of Internet access services and the stage of implementation of telecentres in the localities deprived of or with poor access to telephone services in the area.

On the occasion of the meeting in Timisoara, ANRC continues in 2006 the series of meetings with the local industry representatives, which are part of the Caravan initiated in 2005. Thus, the Authority has the opportunity to identify the concrete problems of the local providers of electronic communications services and to inform them directly on the manner in which ANRC may support their development in the Romanian communications market.