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ANCOM: Pay attention to calls initiated from international numbers!



ANCOM draws the attention of the mobile telephony users on the missed or received calls from international numbers which they do not know that can represent possible fraud attempts initiated by unknown persons who thus try to obtain illegal gains. By calling back these numbers, users risk being overcharged, while the costs will be subsequently reflected in their telephony invoice.

Missed calls fraud

The persons who intend to deceive the users make short calls, usually through programs of automatic dialling of randomly selected numbers, pursuing that the called person returns the call. The victim regularly calls an overcharged telephone number, while the goal of the persons at the other end is to keep the call active as lonadg as possible and thus to obtain illicit gains.

The tariffs levied for these calls, to numbers in countries such as Botswana, Guinea, Guiana, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc., are high and the costs are subsequently reflected in the invoice of the calling party.

What should users do to avoid this type of fraud?

The persons who run into such a situation are advised not to call back the numbers they do not know, much less if these are international numbers coming from countries they have no connection with. As well, they must not provide their personal data if these are requested through these calls.

About what, how and where can you complain

The users who fall victim to this type of fraud are advised to notify their telephony provider and also report it to the Police, which is the institution empowered by the legal provisions in force to investigate possible cases of fraud or of cybercrimes.

Further information on this topic is available on the ANCOM Infocentre website, here. Information can also be found on the mobile telephony providers’ websites.