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Vitezele medii reale de internet fix și mobil ale operatorilor din România, disponibile pe


The Romanian National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) published, on, the official statistics on the quality of the fixed and mobile internet service in Romania for Q2 2015, based on the users’ tests and on the providers’ offers in the application. So far, the offers introduced cover all the 12 million mobile internet connections and 93% of the 4 million fixed internet connections used in Romania, according to ANCOM’s latest statistical data report.
In the first 6 months of 2015, -the application for testing and monitoring the internet service quality – shows that mobile internet operators offered their users the following actual average download rates: Orange Romania – 34.15 Mbps indoor and 52.81 Mbps outdoor, RCS & RDS – 2.71 Mbps indoor and 2.66 Mbps outdoor, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications – 9.62 Mbps indoor and 9.18 Mbps outdoor, Vodafone Romania – 16.94 Mbps indoor and 27.80 Mbps outdoor, whereas the main fixed internet providers ensured actual average download rates as follows: Digital Cable Systems – 47.96 Mbps on wire and 26.52 Mbps wireless, Nextgen Communications – 63.83 Mbps on wire and 34.61 Mbps wireless, RCS & RDS – 95.21 Mbps on wire and 42.43 Mbps wireless, Telekom Romania Communications – 29.34 Mbps on wire and 15.36 Mbps wireless, and UPC Romania 49.52 Mbps on wire and 28.62 wireless. is easy to use and offers immediate and correct results. All you have to do is select your offer type and choose the access modality, - wireless or wired, for fixed internet, and indoor or outdoor for mobile internet. A test takes approximately 30 seconds, and the results obtained may be analysed and compared in the context of the quarterly statistics published under “Additional information”. The test result may be influenced by a series of factors, so that, in order to obtain results as accurate as possible, before starting the test, the users must make sure that the conditions in the “Recommendations” section on the application website are met.
Based on the users’ tests (more than 110.000 tests since the launch of the application, in October 2014), the statistics section of the application displays the average values of the quality parameters download and upload speed, delay, jitter and packet loss ratio, enabling a comparison of the actual performance of the fixed and mobile internet operators in Romania. In order to view statistics, the users may add four selection panes, such as: provider (mandatory field), statistics period (quarter or year), offer type, locality (only for fixed internet). These statistics are meant for information purposes only, and do not serve as a warranty that a certain user will experience the same connection quality, as the latter depends on several factors. is aimed at testing the quality of the connection between the end-user’s terminal equipment and a test server situated in an internet interexchange hub, indicating a parameter value close to that experienced by the internet users, since the measured path includes the whole network of a provider, as well as – for small providers – other networks interconnected with their own network. For testing these parameters, a user must select the provider, the offer type they benefit from and the connection type. The authorised providers of internet access services have the obligation to introduce the technical details of their active commercial offers in the application, by means of a web interface.
ANCOM developed in order to offer the Romanian internet users an independent, objective and free-of-charge tool by which they could permanently check the quality of the Internet service they have bought. Thus, they will be able not only to verify whether their internet service is up to the promised quality, but also to compare the registered parameters with the parameters obtained by the subscribers of other providers. Moreover, logged in users can also follow other aspects, such as the performance evolution of their own internet connection over time, respectively the improving or the degrading quality of the respective service.
Authorised providers of internet access services have the obligation to introduce in the application the technical parameters of their active commercial offers, by means of a web interface, in accordance with the provisions of ANCOM’s Decision no.1201/2011. The provisions of this decision shall apply to internet access services provided by means of public fixed or mobile electronic communications networks, irrespective of the access technology used. Furthermore, according to the same decision, the providers of internet access services have the obligation to include in the contracts the parameters they undertake to ensure in relationship with the users (such as nominal/maximum download and upload rates) and to publish, on their own websites, a series of administrative parameters.