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ANC Launches for Sale the BWA Terms of Reference




Today, ANC has launched for sale the Terms of Reference for the comparative selection procedure in view of granting two licences for the use of the radio frequencies that allow the provision of public electronic communications networks and publicly available electronic communications services by means of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA).


The Terms of Reference are available at the ANC headquarters in Bucharest, Sector 3, 2 Delea Noua Street, 7th floor, Legal Division, contact person: Calin COZAN, from today, 24 November, to 8 December 2008. The interested persons may send requests for clarifications until 15 December 2008. The deadline for submitting the offers is 5 February 2009, 17.00.


The offers will be opened on 6 February 2009, 12.00, at the Authority’s headquarters, the winner being designated by 9 March 2009. Complaints may be submitted from 10 to 16 March 2009.


The content of the Terms of Reference is available also on the ANC Internet website; however, only the offers of those who purchased the Terms of Reference will be accepted in the tender.


The submitted offers will be assessed upon the following criteria: financial capacity, commercial feasibility, specialisation and experience, technical feasibility and intended coverage.


The deadlines for the three network roll-out phases are 1 September 2010, 1 March 2012 and 1 September 2013. During each phase, the tenderers must take a commitment related to the number of base stations installed, the list of covered cities and the list of covered towns. At the end of the three phases, the services must cover at least 50 cities and, respectively, 20 towns.


The licence fee is provided in the Government Decision no. 638/2008, i.e. EUR 7.5 million.