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Radio spectrum strategies – necessity, opportunity and involvement

Welcome on the webpage dedicated to the 2011 international conference of ANCOM, event that took place in Bucharest on the 12th of May.
The title of the conference, Radio spectrum strategies – necessity, opportunity, involvement, is closely related to the celebration of 20 years of radio spectrum management in Romania, in 2011. ANCOM intends to mark this celebration by creating a framework for discussions and sharing of regional as well as international experience, thus making available useful insights for Romania to elaborate radio spectrum strategies which would allow for the more efficient use of this resource and the allocation of new bands for the BWA technologies, while offering predictability to the economic environment.
It is common knowledge that radio spectrum is a key resource underpinning one of the world’s most dynamic sectors: wireless communications. Nevertheless, given its finite character, its allocation requires effective and efficient coordination at European and global level. Therefore, it is essential that the allocation of frequencies be coordinated and properly regulated both nationally and internationally, since a better regulation of radio spectrum will release the full socio-economic potential of this scarce resource.