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ANRCTI Launches Tender in View of Granting A Licence for The Use of The 410-415/420-425 MHz Frequency Bands



Today, June 20, 2008, ANRCTI launches the tender for granting a national licence for the use of radio frequencies in view of providing data networks and mobile electronic communications services in the 410-415/420-425 MHz bands. 

The Terms of Reference is available on the ANRCTI website and may be purchased, from June 20 to July 04, 2008, at the ANRCTI headquarters (14 Libertatii Bvd., Sector 5, Bucharest), for a price of RON 1,500. The deadline for submitting the offers is August 4, 2008, 17:00. The winner shall be designated by September 8, 2008.

Thus, this licence will enable the holder to build, own and operate a broadband network, as well as to provide broadband services. The minimum set of services to be offered by this frequency includes voice, data transmissions at an average download rate of 128 Kb/s and PAMR-specific services (push to talk voice services, simultaneous voice and data services, dispatching services, call prioritization and automatic put on hold, in-group calls, group dynamic allocation). Optionally, location services, data/IP packages, the capability of providing Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and video applications may be offered.

The government established, by Decision no.61/2008, that in the selection procedure for this tender cannot participate providers that already hold at least one national licence  for the use of radio frequencies in view of providing mobile electronic communications networks and services (including broadband) and who provide or can provide also mobile electronic communications networks and services that may substitute the ones to be provided by using the 410-415/420-425 MHz frequency bands, respectively telephone and Internet access services.

In view of organising and conducting the tender procedure, ANRCTI has designated a commission consisting of 7 members that cannot be shareholders, associates, administrators, auditors or employees - by labour book or otherwise – of any of the legal entities in the tender or of any legal entity that controls a tenderer. The tender commission has elaborated the final version of the Terms of Reference, will elaborate the answers to the requests for clarifications, will evaluate the offers and will present the tender result to the ANRCTI President for approval.

The licence holder, designated by this procedure, will pay the licence fee provided by Government Decision no. 61/2008, respectively the RON equivalent of EUR 1,077,228.