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112 Caller Location

“ANRCTI will check the mobile operators’ compliance with their obligation to provide access to caller location data for the operator of the 112 emergency call system, the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), and will take the suitable legal steps,” the ANRCTI President, Mr. Dan Georgescu, declared.


The Government Emergency Ordinance no.70/2006 on the amendment and completion of several normative acts in the fields of electronic communications and postal services, which entered into force in October 2006, provided the obligation of the operators of public telephone networks to make available information on the location of all the 112 callers – to the extent that this is technically feasible – to the operator of the National Unique System for Emergency Calls (SNUAU). Breach of this obligation is considered a contravention and shall be sanctioned by contravention fine.


ANRCTI has not received any complaints on problems regarding the provision of caller location information. Following the Letter of Formal Notice issued by the European Commission, ANRCTI is to investigate the operators’ observance of the obligations established by OUG no.70/2006.


The provisions regarding the caller location were stipulated in the abovementioned normative act in view of the full harmonisation of the national legislation with the EU acquis on this issue and the European Commission closely monitors their implementation. At the beginning of this year, the Commission initiated the infringement procedure against five member states - Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia - due to these countries’ failure to implement caller location systems in relation to the unique number for emergency calls 112.