S.C. Cosmote Romanian Mobile Telecommunications S.A - S.C. Telemobil S.A.


Cosmote Romanian Mobile Telecommunications S.A.

S.C. Telemobil S.A. †

Date when the request was filed to ANRCTI
February 23, 2007


On February 23, 2007, the plaintiff S.C. Cosmote Romanian Mobile Telecommunications S.A. filed to ANRCTI a complaint against the respondent S.C. Telemobil S.A., thereby requesting that the respondent be obliged to conclude the interconnection agreement negotiated between the parties. The complaint was filed with ANRCTI under no.7/200784/23.02.2007.

In order for its complaint to be resolved, the plaintiff chose the mediation procedure.

Also, as a provisional measure, by its address filed with ANRCTI under no.7/200801/27.02.2007, the plaintiff required the respondent to be obliged not to interrupt or limit the capacity of the interconnection link between the networks operated by Telemobil and Cosmote, until the resolution of the dispute through a decision issued by the president of ANRCTI.

The plaintiffís request on imposing provisional measures has been resolved by ANRCTI presidentís Decision no.1803/2007.

Solution suggested by ANRCTI

ANRCTI Presidentís Decision no.1803/2007

ANRCTI Presidentís Decision no.2.770/2007 on the settlement of the dispute between S.C. Netmaster Communications S.R.L.† - S.C. Orange Romania S.A.