Law on access to internet services

According to Art. 5 (3) of Law no. 175/2022 on ensuring the access of natural persons to fixed broadband Internet services, published in the Romanian Official Journal no. 567/10.06.2022, "[...] ANCOM publishes the list of localities where, according to the information available to it, residential end-users do not have access to a broadband internet service provided at fixed locations and communicates this information to the local public administration authorities within whose area of territorial competence the localities included in the list are located".


Having processed the latest information available, in the Excel file above ANCOM publishes a list containing the classification of localities in Romania, considering the availability of access to a fixed broadband Internet service for residential users, as follows:

  1. Localities "0" - localities without fixed internet access networks.
  2. Localities "2-30" – localities with networks capable of download speeds between 2 and 30 Mb/s (BASIC BROADBAND networks).
  3. Localities "30-100" – localities with networks capable of download speeds between 30 and 100 Mb/s (FAST BROADBAND networks).
  4. Localities "over 100" – localities with networks capable of download speeds higher than 100 Mb/s (ULTRAFAST BROADBAND networks).

Regarding the data available, used in setting up the list, the following clarifications apply:

  • access networks exclusively serving business users have not been considered;
  • both optical fiber and copper line fixed access networks, and wireless fixed access networks have been considered;
  • the time reference is as of March 2021, with updates on certain areas, as of July and August 2021;
  • the download speeds mentioned in the table correspond to the technologies used or have been declared by the providers as the best effort download speeds in their commercial offer, which means that these speeds may be diminished depending on the network load, i.e. the number of subscribers simultaneously using the network;
  • the coverage with networks of the various localities has not been verified by ANCOM on site, relying on the operators’ reports and comments, as well as on the results of the public consultation carried out by ANCOM between 23 February and 22 March 2021.

In accordance with Art. 5 (1) of the same Law no.175/2022, ANCOM will publish "annually, on its own website, the list of areas where, on the indicated reference date, there is no access to the services referred to in Article 1 (1)", i.e. to functional broadband Internet services whose technical characteristics are defined by an Order of the Minister of Research,  Innovation and Digitalisation, within 6 months (December 2022).


In order for ANCOM to be able to elaborate - according to the legal obligation - this list of areas without access to functional Internet services, i.e. a much more accurate and detailed list than the one provided for in Art. 5 (3) of the Law, appropriate information in respect of administrative numbers is required.


Thus, benefiting from the provisions of Art. 5 (4) which mentions that "The local public administration authorities have the obligation to transmit to ANCOM, upon request, the most recently available street nomenclature corresponding to the localities in the area of their territorial competence", we request - also by means of our website - all local public administration authorities to transmit to ANCOM the following:

  1. the most recent and available street nomenclature, which will consist of the following nomenclatures: the administrative addresses nomenclature containing the geospatial location of administrative addresses (with geographical coordinates), road name nomenclature containing the geospatial representation of the street type (street, boulevard, path, quay, embankment, road, alley, causeway, blind lane, lane, etc.) at locality level, and the building nomenclature containing the geospatial location (with geographical coordinates) of buildings;
  2. delimitations of areas, managed at administrative number level, where no access to functional Internet services is available;
  3. any discrepancies noted between the situation presented in the published list (the latest version) and the state of play on site.

Details on preparing and submitting information

The requested information will be transmitted by electronic means (email, transfer, etc. or on any durable physical support) in formats that allow working with georeferenced data: .kml (Keyhole Markup Language), .shp (ArcGIS), .dwg (AutoCAD), .csv (for point location data only). The coordinate system used must be WGS84 or Stereo70.  


Information on physical support will be transmitted to the ANCOM headquarters or to the Authority’s local office in the county where your locality is situated. The contact details of ANCOM headquarters are available here.


For reporting any above-mentioned discrepancies, additional details, as well as for requesting further clarifications, please contact us at the e-mail address: