Access and Interconnection


The steps taken by ANCOM in the Romanian electronic communications market aim to maximise the end-users’ benefits, thus enabling them to choose the best offer of electronic communications services in terms of quality, diversity and price. This objective may be achieved by promoting competition in the field, and thus ensuring the appropriate conditions for the market to meet the users’ needs.
To this end, ANCOM elaborates principles and procedures, imposes specific conditions in order to foster the timely and effective implementation of the access and interconnection agreements, so as to promote competition and to ensure service interoperability.
The ANCOM approach observes the following principles:
  • focus on the wholesale markets for the provision of networks and services;
  • prioritize the regulatory measures according to the actual needs of the market;
  • rapid settlement of the essential issues, within short review periods, based on the market development.

1. List of providers with significant power in the markets for call termination on public telephone networks provided at a fixed location

1. Societatea „2k Telecom” - S.R.L.
2. Societatea „Adisam Telecom” - S.A.
3. Societatea „Caro Network” - S.R.L.
4. Societatea „Combridge” - S.R.L.
5. Societatea „Connet-RO” - S.R.L.
6. Societatea „Digital Cable Systems” - S.A.
7. Societatea „Dotro Telecom” - S.R.L.
8. Societatea „Euroweb Romania” - S.R.L.
9. Societatea „GTS Telecom” - S.R.L.
10. Societatea „Ines Group” - S.R.L.
11. Societatea „Intersat” - S.R.L.
12. Societatea „Iristel Romania” - S.R.L.
13. Societatea „Media Sat” - S.R.L.
14. „Societatea Naţională De Radiocomunicaţii” - S.A.
15. Societatea „Net-Connect Communications” - S.R.L.
16. Societatea „Nextgen Communications” - S.R.L.
17. Societatea „Nobel Globe” - S.R.L.
18. Societatea „Orange România” - S.A.
19. Societatea „Prime Telecom” - S.R.L.
20. Societatea „RCS & RDS” - S.A.
21. Societatea „Smart Telecom Media” - S.R.L.
22. Societatea „Spice Telecom” - S.R.L.
23. Societatea „Telcor Communications” - S.R.L.
24. Societatea „Telecom Blue Expert” - S.R.L.
25. Societatea „Telekom Romania Communications” - S.A.
26. Societatea „Telekom Romania Mobile Communications” - S.A.
27. Societatea „Trans Tel Services” - S.R.L.
28. Societatea „Vitanic RO” - S.R.L.
29. Societatea „Viva Telecom” - S.R.L.
30. Societatea „Vodafone Romania” - S.A.
31. Societatea „Volocall” - S.R.L.
*The providers identified as having significant market power operate public telephone networks for the purpose of providing telephone services at fixed locations, use geographic numbers or location-independent numbers from the National Numbering Plan, allocated by ANCOM for telephone services provided at fixed locations, and have concluded interconnection agreements with other operators for the purpose of call termination.

2. List of providers with significant power in the markets for call termination on public telephone networks provided at a mobile location

1. Societatea „Lycamobile” – S.R.L.

2. Societatea „Orange România” – S.A.

3. Societatea „RCS & RDS” – S.A.

4. Societatea „Telekom Romania Mobile Communications” – S.A.

5. Societatea „Vodafone Romania” – S.A.

Unbundled access to the local loop