Importance of CE marking

The marking (Conformité Européenne, i.e.European conformity) is a key indicator of a product’s conformity with the EU legislation and provides for the free circulation of the respective product within the Union. The marking certifies the fact that a product is in line with the essential requirements on the health and safety of the users and of any other person and may be sold and used within the European Union.


The European Commission has developed a website dedicated to the CE marking, which offers information to the manufacturers, importers and distributors regarding their responsibilities at putting a product on the EU market. Moreover, this website makes available to the end-users information on their rights and advantages due to the CE marking.


The marking may be found on many of the products in the EU market and is applied both on products manufactured in the EU Member States and on products manufactured in other countries for sale in the EU. 


Nota Bene: 

The marking is obligatory only for the product under the  New Regulatory Framework Directives, such as radio equipment, low voltage equipment, toys, pyrotechnic articles, elevators, measurement instruments etc. 


Format and characteristics of the marking:  


The marking consists of the "CE" initials, in the following format: 


If the marking is compressed, the proportions provided in the drawing above must be preserved. It must be 5 mm high, except for cases when such a dimension cannot be achieved, the equipment characteristics.

Generally, the marking must be applied on the product or on the attached identification plate including its specifications. Additionally, it must be applied on the package, where available, and on the accompanying documents, in two situations: for radio equipment and for cases when the application on non-radio equipment or on the identification plate is not possible or is not justified, given the equipment characteristics.


The marking must be visible, legible and wipe-proof.



Why is the marking applied?


  • Economic operators know that products bearing this marking may be sold within the EU market without restrictions.
  • End-users throughout the Union benefit from the same level of protection of the health and safety of the user and of any other person, from protection regarding electromagnetic compatibility, as well as from protection regarding harmful interference throughout the EU.

Importance of CE marking
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