The end-users in the EU have various preferences, starting from colour to the brand of certain products, be they laptops or toys for their children. Furthermore, they expect full safety in the usage of such equipment.


In order to buy exclusively conforming equipment, you should check the existence of the marking on the respective product, buy from trusted providers and read all the warnings and the usage instructions.


If you have an equipment that is not CE marked or bear the DECT 6.0 inscription, switch it off and call ANCOM!


Do not buy and do not use equipment without the marking in the EU!

Examples of equipment on which the application of the marking is mandatory:

- radio equipment: mobile telephones, desktop PC, tablets, laptops, wireless remote controls, routers, remotely controlled toys, drones, video games consoles and controllers etc.
- non-radio equipment: lighting fixtures, automatic switches, home appliances, infrared remote controls etc.

Importance of CE marking
Equipment manufacturers
Importers and distributors
Applicable sanctions
Regulatory framework