Digital Dividend – Challenges and Opportunities in the Region

Most states will have replaced the current analogue broadcasting with digital broadcasting sometimes between 2012 and 2015. The process will be followed by the significant challenges of allocation and usage of the freed radio spectrum. In this context, fully coordinated activities and interactions, at an international level, but mostly at a regional level, could prove highly relevant for the harmonised use of a scarce resource such as the radio spectrum.

ANCOM takes a step forward by creating a regional think tank to provide an excellent opportunity for all the stakeholders to contribute their knowledge and opinions to the digital dividend usage harmonisation at a regional level. Inviting the states in the region around the same discussion table may result in a common understanding of the digital switchover calendar for the region.

Moreover, considering the ongoing process of releasing the frequency band of the digital dividend, it will be an interesting endeavour to analyse the current market environment and determine whether the stakeholders are prepared for using the vacated band and whether the equipment manufacturers are ready to make the mobile communications market benefit from the digital dividend and provide, at efficient costs and over large areas, state-of-the-art services and networks.

Join us for making this regional think tank a success!