Press Releases average download speed for fixed and mobile internet is growing in Romania



ANCOM’s official statistics on the quality of the fixed and mobile internet service in Romania, generated based on the tests performed through, show that in 2019 Romanians benefited from average download speeds on a national level of 148.95 Mbps over fixed internet connections, and 24.79 Mbps over mobile connections, on the rise compared to the previous year’s speeds. Read here ANCOM’s Report on the quality of the internet access service in 2019 (available in Romanian).

National average fixed internet speeds – download and upload

Tests performed on and on the Netograf application for fixed terminals show that, in 2019, the average fixed internet download speed on a national level increased by 10% compared to 2018, to 148.95 Mbps, whereas the average upload speed reached 110.73 Mbps, up 8% compared to the previous year.

Average speed per fixed provider in 2019 and in 2018 - cable (Mbps).Download speed and upload speed.

County-based statistics

In 2019, average download speeds for fixed internet connections, per county, increased compared to 2018 and 2017, ranging between 106.38 Mbps (Covasna) and 150.15 Mbps (Bucharest). This rising trend is registered in the data transfer speeds ensured by mobile internet connections, as well, with average download speeds in 2019 between 11.74 Mbps (Gorj) and 36.2 Mbps (Suceava).


”The data transfer speeds achieved by the users who have performed tests through Netograf show that, at national level, the network capacity increased significantly in 2019 compared to the previous years. This is mostly due to the operators’ steadily investing both in the implementation of fiber optic cable and of high-capacity network equipment - for fixed internet - and in the implementation of 4G technologies at the level of wireless access networks - for mobile internet. This continued effort was also seen in the first part of this year, when fixed and mobile networks successfully supported the approx. 25% traffic increases during the self-isolation and distance working period”, declared Eduard LOVIN, vice-president of ANCOM.

National average upload and download speed – mobile internet


The results of the tests performed by the users on the platform and on the Netograf mobile app indicate an average download speed of 24.79 Mbps, and an average upload speed of 12.63 Mbps for mobile internet at a national level during 2019, both of these speeds increasing by 8% compared to 2018.

Average speed per mobile provider in 2019 and 2018- cable (Mbps). Download speed and upload speed.

The statistics in ANCOM’s Report on the quality of the internet access service in 2019 are based on 275,969 valid tests performed on the three types of Netograf apps - web, desktop and mobile apps (Android and iOS).

Along with download and upload speeds, ANCOM’s Report makes available information on the packet transfer delay and jitter for both fixed and mobile internet access providers, statistics by county regarding the number of tests performed, average download and upload speeds and average delays, as well as information on the internet access service activation term, fault repair time, frequency of end-users’ complaints, as well as the complaint handling term.

About Netograf is an online platform developed by ANCOM in order to offer the Romanian internet users an independent, objective and free of charge tool, available 24/7, that helps them check the quality of the Internet service they have purchased. The users can thus verify whether their Internet access service is of the quality stated in the offer and in the contract concluded with the provider. Moreover, they have access to statistics on the quality parameters values measured through tests carried out by other users of Netograf. In 2019, ANCOM upgraded the web application and added new capabilities to Netograf, i.e. the desktop app for fixed terminals, and the Android and iOS mobile apps.