Mobile measurements performed by ANCOM

This map makes publicly available the level of exposure of the population to electromagnetic fields in a series of locations in the public area, the values displayed being obtained by comparing the measured levels to the reference levels set in the Order of the Ministry of Public Health no. 1193/2006. For each of the measurements carried out with mobile equipment, the map exhibits also the exposure level as a percentage of the reference level for the equivalent plane wave power density set by the above-mentioned normative act.

According to the law, ANCOM does not carry out verifications and measurements at third parties’ request, since these control actions are meant exclusively for the purpose of ANCOM’s duties, as laid down in the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 22/2009 on the establishment of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications, approved by Law no. 113/2010.







The measurements displayed on the map have been performed in compliance with Recommendation ECC (02)04 on measuring non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, while the reference levels used were those specified in the Order of the Minister of Health no. 1193/2006 approving the Rules on limiting the exposure of population to electromagnetic fields ranging from 0 Hz to 300 GHz.


The measurements have been carried out with mobile equipment, outdoors, in public areas, using a measurement antenna at a height of 1.5 m from the ground level, while the results have been averaged per 6-minute intervals and compared to the reference levels specified in the Order of the Minister of Public Health no.1193/2006.


The measurement points have been chosen close to education centres, hospitals, public institutions, crowded areas (e.g. railway station, marketplace etc.), or in the neighbourhood of public areas situated in the proximity of clusters of EMF sources.


ANCOM cannot provide answers to questions such as the relationship between the measured values and the health status of the population. For such information, you should address public health institutes and centres, as well as public health directorates, which are subordinated to the Ministry of Health.


ANCOM makes measurements exclusively in public areas, in accordance with its annual electromagnetic field measurement plan. If you would like our measurement plan to include a certain public location where ANCOM has not carried out measurements yet, please send us a message using the online request form and we will take your proposal into utmost possible consideration for the next year’s measurements plan. For measurements in other locations than those situated in public areas, requests should be directed to public and private entities that perform such measurements, for a fee.