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Interface Regulations

In order to guarantee the correct implementation of the Directive 2014/53/EU (RED Directive), it is necessary that the manufacturers of radio equipment are informed of the interface characteristics which are permitted in Romania.


Radio Interfaces (article 8.1 of Directive 2014/53/EU)


It is extremely important for the manufacturers of radio equipment to be informed on the right of use of the frequencies with respect to the applications of such equipment. These data are essential for avoiding harmful interference when these radio equipment are put into service. To allow or not certain applications of the radio equipment using certain frequencies is a national competence issue.


Directive 2014/53/EU acknowledges that the radio frequency spectrum in the European Union is not fully harmonised and therefore Member States have national regulations on its use. The directive does not harmonise these regulations, but requires that they be drawn up and, as the case may be, notified. Article 8.1 states that:


Member States shall notify, in accordance with the procedure laid down in Directive 98/34/EC, the interfaces which they are going to regulate, excepting: (a) radio interfaces that comply fully and without exception with the provisions of Commission decisions on the harmonized use of radio spectrum adopted under Decision no. 676/2002/EC; and (b) radio interfaces which, in accordance with the enforcement acts adopted pursuant to paragraph (2) of this Article, correspond to radio equipment that can be put into service and used freely within the Union.


Requirements concerning this notification, as they are set out in ANCOM Decision no 248/2021 amending and completing the Decision of the President of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania no. 311/2016 on license exempt radio frequencies or radio frequency bands.


Technical regulations for the RO-IR radio interfaces complying with the provisions of Decision no. 311/2016, modified by Decision no. 888/2018 and Decision no. 248/2021:


Chapter I - Short-Range Devices (SRDs)


Note: This technical regulation takes into acccount only the technical specifications for the radio interfaces RO-IR 03-01, RO-IR 03-04a, RO-IR 03-04b, RO-IR 03-04c, RO-IR 03-05 and RO-IR 03-06.


Chapter II - Radio devices using ultrawideband technology (UWB)


Chapter III - Radio equipment operating in bands allocated to  the mobile service


Note: Concerning this technical  regulation, only the technical specifications regarding radio interfaces RO-IR 03-02 and RO-IR 03-03 are considered.


Chapter IV - Radio equipment operating in frequency bands allocated to the fixed-satellite service


RO-IR FS-01 (work in progress)

RO-IR FS-02 (work in progress)

Chapter V – Radio equipment operating in bands assigned to the amateur service and, respectively, to the amateur satellite service 

The National Table of Frequency Allocations (NTFA)

Archive – Technical regulations for the radio interfaces, no longer in force