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The agreement of interconnection with the networks of the operators with significant power

In order to conclude an interconnection agreement, the interested operator must enter a written application notifying its will to negotiate and conclude an interconnection agreeement (to buy in a wholesale regime the respective interconnection services).
What is subject to negotiation? The parties negotiate the provisions (terms and conditions) under the respective interconnection agreement. In order to facilitate the faster conclusion of the interconnection agreement, which should be in full compliance with the regulations in the field, any of the two parties may request ANCOM, off the record, clarifications regarding the provisions of the agreement under negotiation.
An essential aspect for the negotiation process is represented by the information provided to the operator by the operator with significant market power (SMP), so that the respective operator could effectively choose the access points for interconnection.
Simultaneously with the negotiation of the agreement provisions, or upon the conclusion of the frame-agreement for interconnection, the interconnection link will be provided (in case of distance interconnection or in case of interconnection in the operator’s space).
The final step consists of the signing of the frame-agreement for interconnection.

Detailed information on the interconnection with a certain designated SMP is available on the respective operator’s website.