S.C. Netmaster Communications S.R.L. - S.C. Orange România S.A.


S.C. Netmaster Communications S.R.L.

S.C. Orange Romania S.A.

Date of filing the complaint 
December 23, 2004

S.C. Netmaster Communications S.R.L.
filed a complaint against S.C. Orange Romania S.A., with the National Regulatory Authority for Communications, thereby requiring that art.8.2-8.4 of the interconnection agreement concluded between Netmaster and Orange on October 1, 2004, be waived, so that the respondent should have the obligation to terminate all the calls originated by the plaintiff, irrespective of the origination location.

For the settlement of this dispute, the plaintiff chose the mediation procedure.

ANRC Solution
ANRC President’s Decision no.24/2005 on the settlement of the dispute between S.C. Netmaster Communications S.R.L.  - S.C. Orange Romania S.A.