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ANCOM Submits to Public Consultation the Cost Calculation Models for Interconnection Services



Today, 14 November 2012, ANCOM has submitted to public consultation the models for calculating the efficient costs of the provision of interconnection services in view of call termination, origination and switched national transit at fixed locations and termination at mobile locations, ancillary services, Ethernet backhaul services, and services of leased lines – terminating segments with the transmission capacity up to including 2 Mbps (provided on the transmission network).
The cost calculation models subjected to public consultation are developed with a view to implementing the obligation of cost-orientation of the tariffs for certain communications services provided at the wholesale level in Romania, in accordance with the current regulatory framework.
The cost calculation models have been elaborated by ANCOM with the support of TERA Consultants and upon consultation within the working group comprising representatives of the electronic communications industry. The conceptual framework used for the concrete elaboration of the models was established within this working group. Based on the said conceptual framework, the structure of the models was built and the data necessary for populating these models were gathered from the providers, processed and verified.
In elaborating these calculation models, ANCOM took account of the technological developments and the evolution of the Romanian electronic communications market, as well as of the European Commission’s Recommendation issued in 2009, which sets out a common platform for the harmonisation of the principles for the calculation of the fixed and mobile call termination rates in the Member States.
The models submitted to public consultation are accompanied by detailed documentations which allow for understanding the structures, functionalities and types of information employed. The commercially sensitive information has been removed from the models submitted to consultation and from the accompanying documentations.
The documents are available for consultation on the ANCOM website, here. The interested persons are invited to send their comments and suggestions, until 14.12.2012, to the ANCOM headquarters in 2 Delea Noua Street, Bucharest 3, or submit them directly to the ANCOM Registry Office. Comments and recommendations may also be sent by fax to +40.372.845.404 or by e-mail to